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My skepticism course, spring 2014

I'm teaching math and physics in a smallish city in rural Finland. Local high school has a "project week" every spring, where teachers can give an extracurricular course of their own design. Most popular courses are fitness and other sporty courses. I set a soft limit to 16 students, so that we could still easily use computer class as a part of the course. Eventually 19 students chose my course. "Project week" lasts from thursday to wednesday, five hours each day. The first hurdle was the planning. If I didn't have enough material, I won't have enough time to make more during the project week. Even one 90 minute lecture takes me easily 4 hours to plan and write down. Second hurdle was estimating the talkativity of students. During the course it would easily make plus or minus five hours. I decided to make some extra stuff for every day, even if I couldn't use it. Eventually I left out the whole "Philosphy of science"-part (over ten hours